product catalog on CD-ROM

ElePub, the product catalog on CD-ROM automates all processes from content acquisition and administration via content formatting to content distribution across all media, formats, types of publications and applications. This web site explains ElePub in details and emphasizes on the conceptual and functional differences between ElePub and conventional DTP and cross-media database publishing solutions.

A unique homogenous family of publishing products

  • ElePub is the object database publishing and product catalog on CD-ROM software for publishing across all media, formats, types of publications and applications
  • EleStore, the Content Management System (CMS) for paper and electronic media, and
  • Elecat, the page oriented electronic paper catalog system based on CDF (Catalog Data Format).

the product catalog on CD-ROM, uses the content administrated by EleStore and stored in your or existing database and/or in EleStore and formats it for use on different media and in different types of publications and applications using several new and unique concepts and features, especially object inheritance for both content and visualization objects like pages, frames etc. Details on

logically administrates your multi-lingual content of any data type with some or all of your data physically stored either in the integrated database and/or in your existing database(s). Details on

is the unique electronic product catalog software supporting page visualization, tabular database usage and mixed versions with bi-directionally linked page and database content, which is imported either from your existing DTP or paper catalogs and/or is the formatted output from ElePub; it is used for distributing formatted pages and/or data over the Internet, via CD-ROM, or as a hybrid solution. Deatils on