What is Elepub?

Elepub unites these applications and features in one system:

  • Conventional database publishing and classical DTP - desk-top-publishing
  • Automatic rule based page creation and formatting
  • HTML generation and XML publishing
  • Elepub has its own editor, which operates directly on the database contents:
    Text on pages is the data in the database, not from the database (no copies or links).
  • Elepub has its own fully integrated Object Content Management System.
  • Pages consist of intelligent three-dimensional objects joining data, format and behaviour.
  • Elepub contains a repository of re-usable visualization objects superior to templates.
  • It has attribute inheritance from a genealogy of generic ancestor objects.
  • Finished pages are exported to QuarkXpress or other DTP software for color separation.
  • Elepub supports primarily paper, e-paper and HTML - in this sequence of importance.
  • Full XML support for import and export, even for formatting.

But there is much more in Elepub. See details on the other pages.

Part of a homogenous family

Elepub, the object database publishing software, is a member of a homogenous product family and a triplet:

  • to Elestore, the Content Management System (CMS), and
  • to Elecat, the page oriented electronic paper catalog system based on CDF (Catalog Data Format).
Elexxx product family


uses the content administrated by Elestore and formats it for use on different media and in different types of publications and applications using several new and unique concepts and features.


logically administrates your multi-lingual content of any data type with some or all of your data physically stored either in the integrated database and/or in your existing database(s).


is the unique electronic product catalog software supporting page visualization, tabular database usage and mixed versions with bi-directionally linked page and database content, which is imported either from your existing DTP or paper catalogs and/or is the formatted output from Elepub; it is used for distributing formatted pages and/or data over the Internet, via CD-ROM, or as a hybrid solution.

A family of inter-related but autonomous products

Although each of the triplet products can be used independently, they complement one another perfectly and together they form a unique product family covering all tasks from storing and administrating publication content via creating formatted output to electronically distributing the output.

This is why occasionally Elestore and Elecat are also mentioned on this eb site because Elepub especially profits strongly from the unique features of Elestore although Elepub can also be used without Elestore, if needed.