What is database publishing?

The term "database publishing" is generally used for the automated transformation of database contents into presentable formats. A typical database publishing application aggregates content from multiple sources for publishing to multiple formats and output media such as paper, electronic paper, HTML, XML, electronic catalogs and/or CD-ROM based applications etc.

Database publishing software applications are in general add-ons, plug-ins or other types of enhancements to one of the major DTP (desk-top-publishing) software products such as QuarkXpress, Adobe Framemaker or InDesign. Not so Elepub, which is different in more than just this respect.

In other words database publishing can be regarded as the effort to combine the different worlds of "art and science" in publishing long documents, like product catalogs. The art is in designing the professional layout, needed to preserve the very valuable Corporate Identity throughout all publications and all media. The science is the data, coming from databases, that is to be visualized in these documents. In today's database publishing applications these two worlds are still very much separated - not so in Elepub as you will see from the other pages of this web site.

Elepub is the first object database publishing software

Elepub is far more than just database publishing: it is the first product offering true object publishing capabilities - the software generation beyond database publishing. Please click here to read about the differences.

You are presumably looking for a solution offering you advantages - and not for concepts, nor for technology as such! Therefore, aside from explaining Elepub in detail we would like to point out clearly where and how Elepub Object Publishing practically differs from DTP and from conventional database publishing systems. Here you find a comparison table with publication principles comparing conventional database publishing with Elepub object publishing. Click here...