What is object publishing?

Object publishing is the next generation beyond database publishing combining for the first time in one homogenous application several proven concepts from previously separated areas such as:

  • conventional database publishing
  • classical DTP - desk-top-publishing
  • rule based formatting
  • HTML generation and XML publishing
  • including application specific behavior requirements and user interface rules
  • based on an homogenously integrated and fully object-oriented content management system
  • administrating object components with all their format, content and behavior attributes
  • offering attribute inheritance from a genealogy of generic ancestor objects.

This results in an intelligent, three-dimensional, formatted page and object system, which can be published to virtually any media, logical structure and publication or application environment.

Surely, this is not yet a full explanation of this new breed of software. Please read the other pages of this web site and and you will learn more about the conceptual differences and the practical advantages of the Elepub object publishing system, which are explained in detail on this web site.