Cross-media publishing

It's not just another buzzword, but rather an important requirement of our business world:
publishers need solutions that are compatible with the various media platforms in use today.

You may wonder if there is such a thing as cross-media publishing, or if it's just another buzzword floating about the market. Yes, certainly there is such a thing as cross-media publishing, although there are only relatively few products available supporting paper just as well as the "new" electronic media, especially the Internet, which was overvalued during the past years of the "dot-com" hype to basically replace paper in the near future.

Paper still most important

In most cases wanting to replace paper is just nonsense, of course, as we all know. Paper-based publications are still the most important marketing tool in most industries and they are to stay for a long time to come - especially with the quickly growing use of e-paper like PDF or CDF (Elecat).

Therefore, cross-media publishing must fully support paper in the first place with the Internet, CD-ROM based applications and several other electronic applications to follow closely.

If you look at most CMS content management system application you will quickly find that 95% are focused on the Internet, some even exclusively - and most really forget about paper or have !

Not so Elepub and Elestore! Both were designed from the very beginning to support paper and electronic media with absolutely the same emphasis.