Why publishing for applications?

First of all, what have applications to do with a publishing system?

Well, we think that since the advent of electronic paper one should no longer distinct "publication" from "application" because once that a publication is used in some software capable of more than just viewing, reading and printing it quickly becomes an application.

Still, there is one substantial difference in that publications are basically static while applications tend to have a rather dynamic character. Therefore, applications go far beyond publications as many of them use basically the same content as the core part of an electronic application system - but add the dynamic character.

When we started the development of Elepub we already had our Elecat, the electronic paper based product catalog, out as a product. Therefore, it was just natural and consistent to develop Elepub also as a content formatter and server engine for applications using well formatted content - beyond Elecat.

On these pages we look at what Elepub can do for your company in this respect.