Elepub fully supports e-paper applications

Paper will never go away in this century! Now that the early dot-com hype has gone, reality shows that despite the ever increasing usage of PCs and the Internet, the demand for and usage of paper is still growing, too.

What is "e-paper"?

The term e-paper is often used for integrating paper (-based and formatted) information into electronic media and devices, i. e. to use paper electronically.

The best know and most widespread product is probably the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader software with the relatively new e-book applications to follow soon. Provided that the original paper format is preserved, one could even call HTML as another form of e-paper.

Elecat is a typical e-paper application

Elecat is, of course, also a typical e-paper application. By the way: the Elecat software was on the market much earlier than any other (first introduced in Jan. 1993), as you can read from this page.

Please refer to www.elecat.com for further details.

Elepub fully supports e-paper

This practically mean that Elepub can export generated pages to e-paper formats such as:

  • PDF
  • CDF (Catalog Data Format) inherent to Elecat
  • HTML (if one regards this as a form of e-paper)

If other formats are needed, we should be please to implement this ASAP. It will certainly not be a major task - due to the object-oriented nature inherent to Elepub and its page structures.