Elecat automatic update system

Inherent to CDF, the Catalog Data Format, and to Elecat is an automatic update system, which keeps all the data of a locally installed Elecat system permanently up-to-date over the Internet. Of course, Elepub is capable of creating CDF files from any publication generated in Elepub.

Through this update system distributing large data volumes initially on CD-ROM makes much sense and is a very cost effective solution, because this data is relatively static and can be updated any time over the Internet.

This is ideal for distributing electronic paper product catalogs alongside with the underlying database content. Both are relatively static and do not change every minute so that an update on a daily basis is sufficient in most cases (although Elecat can also handle more frequent updates if needed).

Therefore, the Elecat update system enables the users of your application to profit from all the advantages of both principles:

  • offline systems offering much quicker and cheaper local data access and usage avoiding permanent and often still slow and expensive Internet connection for every user
  • online systems offering quick and simple updates for changing data.

Please find further details in the documentation about Elecat. And please think of the fact that 100% of all installed PC have a CD-ROM drive while only a relatively small percentage has permanent and unconditional access to a fast Internet connection.