CD-ROM based systems

Despite the spread of the Internet, CD-ROM based systems are frequently used to supply customers with data and application software. Having "data on CD-ROM" does, of course, say absolutely nothing about the format nor about the usability of the data since CD-ROM is just a widespread physical media, not more than a kind of envelop for transporting mass data from A to B. It therefore only depends on the logical and physical structure of the data to make any statement about the usability of Elepub for such applications.

As a general rule of thumb it can be said that Elepub will always support your CD-ROM based applications, if they:

  • contain the same content as your publications
  • and/or contain formatted data.

We would be pleased to make concrete proposals on how Elepub could best be used to support your existing CD-ROM based application, but we would need some more detailed information and possibly a sample copy to make profound statements.

Elecat - the electronic paper catalog sister application to Elepub

If you don't yet have your own such system you should consider Elecat, our electronic paper product catalog system, which is unique in several aspects and which will certainly cover most of your needs through the standard software. Customizations can easily be done so that Elecat can be fully tailored to your particular needs. You will find details on