Formatted database pages

Very simplified it could be said that Elepub pages contain nicely formatted database contents with each datum having permanent and uninterrupted access to the database. Actually, the data on a page is just exactly the data from a particular database field. It is not a copy, not an import, nor a child, it really is the same data - physically and logically. Therefore, data on a page is really the data in the database, not from the database - not copied, not referenced or whatever. "In" versus "from" makes the great difference between Elepub Object Publishing and conventional database publishing!

Elepub objects on page

In Elepub, objects on pages are always real database entities in just another visualization format - no copies, no references but really the date in the database (not from the database).

This feature is new and unique and probably the most important of the several distinctions of Elepub!

As a consequence, every change to a datum on a page will instantly be in the database - and vice versa. Elepub needs no import or export procedure whatsoever (which still must exist for the Elestore CMS, Content Management System, of course). The database contains and the page visualizes the same unique data entity!

Freeze data on pages

There can be situations when or where one wants to separate page and database content to keep them voluntarily apart. This is, of course, fully supported by Elepub and it can be very easily achieved by setting page contents to be "frozen". This can be defined on any level: for a whole publication or for any part of it! And thanks to the inheritance mechanism inherent to Elepub it can even be applied to the children of specific mother objects only, i.e. only for prices, for article numbers or other specific fields.

If needed, this "freeze" can be reset at any time allowing either a full new import of the current database content or just a comparison between the old frozen state of the publication and the current state of the database. Differences can be specially selected, colored, or highlighted and thereby easily detected.

Page contents are fully exchangeable

As a valuable extra of this permanent database connection, Elepub enables you to fully automatically exchange any data item against any other data item by just changing one central reference link.

It's extremely simple: you just turn the switch and redraw the page and it will have the new content - in another language or with exchanged prices or article numbers.

Practically this means, that by changing only one central reference information you can exchange on all pages:

  • the current language into any other language
  • any price into any other price from another table or price column
  • any article number or similar reference into its cross-referenced counter-part, which is perfect for creating customer catalogs based on different customer article numbers etc.