XML in Elepub

To cut it short: Elepub fully and unconditionally supports XML and it partially even relies on XML. Still, we don't feel like reducing XML once more to marketing hype and therefore we explain in more detail what XML is really used for in Elepub.

XML import and export of entire publications

Elepub is capable of importing and exporting entire publications to and from XML. This includes not only the content but also the entire formatting of pages, containers and frames. This is currently fully supported for QuarkXpress with Adobe FrameMaker and InDesign to follow ASAP.

Elepub relies on its own XML import and export modules and does not need to use what the DTP software supplies (which is often limited to partial information only because not all DTP vendors want their entire documents and formatting to become easily interchangeable with the competition.

The Elepub XML import and export modules access the DTP application via the API (Application Programming Interface) of the DTP software. Like this Elepub has unconditional low-level access to all features and attributes of the DTP document.

Visualizing externally generated publications from XML

Elepub is well capable of formatting imported XML data and to create pages from the resulting frames. This can be applied to your application just as it has been applied to the CARpub application, which is explained in the next chapter as a practical example of how Elepub uses XML generated from another entirely separate application.