The publishing software family

Elepub is part of a unique family of publishing software products covering all activities:

  • from storing, editing and managing any publication content,
  • via automatically formatting content and generating pages for paper, e-paper or HTML
  • to electronically distributing data-heavy publications via Internet and/or CD-ROM
  • and making them intelligently usable in conjunction with fully integrated application software.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the only such product family covering all steps and aspects without any need for exporting, importing or conversion between the various modules. All family members were designed and created from the very beginning to closely collaborate with one another without any welded joints resulting from any export, import or conversion.

Elexxx family

This are the family members and their a roles in this family's concert:

  • Elepub generates catalogs and publications fully automatically and
  • Elestore stores and administrates all the contents of publications and product catalogs
  • Elecat distributes existing DTP catalogs, so that they become intelligently usable in any PC with permanent updates over the Internet and/or in HTML for direct use on the Internet.

Together they cover all processes and tasks:

  • from acquiring, storing and administrating all the content for all your publications in Elestore
  • via the automatic formatting and generation of catalogs and data-heavy publication by Elepub
  • to the electronic distribution and use of these publications with Elecat in its CDF data format.

Elecat presents catalog pages visually the way they are on paper but with intelligent page components, which can be automatically linked to records in the integrated database. It is based on CDF, the Catalog Data Format, which is a one file format containing all possible data types and which also supports an automatic update system

Close collaboration with Elepub

Although Elecat specially supports the electronic use of existing paper catalogs, which originally were not designed for electronic use, it also fully supports catalogs, which were generated by Elepub. Otherwise they could not be called real brothers, could they?

Elecat is especially capable of interpreting the behavior attributes, which can be added to page objects by Elepub. This enables new types of applications where catalog pages, which were originally designed for paper, can be used on a PC or on the Internet with all the advantages of modern IT and especially of databases.

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