Elepub for catalog publishers

We believe that generating a 600 pages product catalog should be as simple as a computer print-out and that this should not require any specialized knowledge of complicated DTP software packages. Also we believe that "publishing" really means bringing database data into a nicely structured format and that this should be a fully automatic process!

With this in mind we developed Elepub especially for the many catalog publishers in manufacturing and in distribution and dealer companies.

Elepub produces much more than "just" product catalogs, it equally well generates:

  • HTML pages from your article database content - whether identical or different in format and layout to your paper pages
  • e-paper catalogs for Elecat as your customer retention system used by rather frequent users of your catalogs with integrated application software
  • nicely formatted expressive formal offers in Elecat-Offer using catalog content also for formal offers, possibly slightly different in format and content but basically the same data
  • data sheets, manuals and any other data-heavy publications.

Elepub is the universal tool to format and publish all product and company related data for distribution on any media and for internal and external use in close collaboration with your database(s).

Help to get started

Normal use of Elepub does not need any special graphics knowledge - but preparing layout definitions and designing page layout still requires some feeling and special knowledge of graphical work. This is nothing a normal secretary or office clerk can do well without any special interest and experience.

It does not at all contradict the first phrase of this page if we recommend that you to either have one such talented person among your staff or that you collaborate with an external graphics designer to prepare Elepub for you so that producing publications is really an automatic process. And this is absolutely the case - if everything is prepared well.

You do content management and publishing yourself

Despite this initial need for qualified design work you will be able to do everything else on your own as part of your daily work. You will especially maintain your content (article data, texts etc.) yourself in your new central Content Management System (CMS) Elestore and such a CMS is the prerequisite for any automated publishing process.

Content management is something that must be done by the catalog publisher. And with a well prepared Elepub installation you also do the actual publishing process in your own office. You will need your printer or graphics designer only for color separation before going to color print!

Therefore, you not only save a lot of money but you are also much quicker and much more flexible with Elepub!