Elepub for graphics services and printers

Elepub was developed to improve the productivity of graphics service people and to enable them to offer new services and products to their customers. In fact, we strongly rely on the graphics industry as our primary distribution partner for Elestore and Elepub.

Let's face the facts:

  • Content Administration must always be done by your customer himself.
  • Smaller catalog publishers have to rely on your services.
  • Bigger catalog publishesr typically want to produce their publications internally.
  • They all need your art work and your consultancy!

Nothing of this contradicts your important role in this concert. And one thing is sure and undoubted: the stone age times of manually written manuscripts that you type into QuarkXpress are finally gone!

So why don't you take the opportunity and profit from our products and from integrated concept of close collaboration between you and your catalog publishers. Do sell them Elestore and Elepub plus your initial and regular services and consultancy. This is certainly more lucrative than billing your hours.

We are and want to remain software developers and do not intend to provide end-customer services except to a handful of first references or some very big corporate customers. This is why we want you as our publishing software distribution partners!

Maybe for a graphics company this is a little bit of a new idea and concept but we are convinced that it makes much sense for you. There are several ways how you can proceed and several different levels of collaboration with your customers. Actually, Elestore and Elepub can really tie your customer much closer to you - if your provide him the right mix of products and services.

If you want to know more just email us and we will provide you with more detailed information: sales@hgn-software.com.