Elepub and InDesign

With Elepub you will need DTP software only for color separation when going to color print. All other work is done in Elepub and you can produce your publications and design pages entirely without any DTP software because Elepub not only generates pages automatically but it also has a full page editor. All of the data you see and edit in the page editor is directly in the database and any change will be stored in the database immediately - unless you decide otherwise. No imports, no exports etc!

This are the greatest advantages of Elepub and only this is true database publishing (no DTP software can really and directly access a database except via extra import and export procedures).

Finished pages are exported to InDesign via XML

Once that your pages are ready you can export them from Elepub to InDesign using XML as the intermediate data format. This includes content and the entire formatting!

The exported pages will look in InDesign just the same as in the Elepub editor and normally you will not have to do any changes on them in InDesign. You will need InDesign only for color separation!

Final work in InDesign

There are two areas where sometimes some final work may be required and where InDesign is certainly more powerful than Elepub:

  • color separation
  • and some special finesse in using, placing and designing text and fonts - rarely used in product catalogs or in data-heavy publications.

This is all that you will need DTP software for. Everything else is done in Elepub where you work directly on the original database data and not just on a copy as in any DTP software.

Elepub is an autonomous publishing application combining "art and science". We left some of the "fine art" to DTP but covered all of the "science", i.e. the entire database functionality, by Elepub. All data relevant changes are performed inside Elepub and are therefore unconditionally, directly and immediately stored in the database.

Support for other DTP software

Since we entirely rely on XML it will be relatively easy to support the import of Elepub publications into other DTP software such as FrameMaker, InDesign or Viva. If you need it just ask us!